Save the Planet Multi Part Bingo

Earth Day 2016 will mark the 46th anniversary of a movement which was founded primarily to raise awareness, create interest and motivate people to get together for the good of the environment we live in and the place we call home.

Today April 22nd each and every one of us can choose to make a difference by resorting to practices which can be more sustainable and earth friendly to our environment.  Making better choices that lead to less waste and conservation of the Earth’s resources is of utmost importance if we want to ensure preservation of our planet.

Everyone wants to do their part in making the world a better place and for this reason Cyberbingo is inviting you to celebrate this important day and think how you can contribute to improving the environment around us.Save-the-Planet-Multi-Part-Bingo-700x700

To highlight this important day on the calendar, join your bingo roomies on Friday April 22nd in the Spring bingo room and spend an evening filled fabulous 3-part bingo games.

Starting at 5PM EDT and each game playing with $185.00 with a card cost of just $0.75, our Save the planet Multi-Part bingo games could be your chance to be a winner.

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