Spring Clean Contest

It’s time to freshen up our homes ready for summer, out with the old and in with the new as we Spring Clean our way to a brighter home. Spring cleaning is a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years, dusting off the winter and preparing for the summer months. It’s also a great excuse to look through all the junk we manage to collect over the months and years and either find more ingenious storage solutions or get rid of the things we no longer want or need. Whether you recycle your old things or give them to charity, a good spring clean can really transform your home and your happiness along with it.
52265_thumb_april-showers-graphics-2It’s amazing some of the hints and tricks that some people share about how to make your spring clean easier, suggestions for easier cleaning, storage solutions and more. We’re inviting all our CyberBingo roomies to help make spring cleaning easier for each other by sharing their age old tricks and tips on our CyberBingo Facebook page. Tips handed down through the family may seem second nature to you but others may not have heard of them and are ready to give them a try.

Share your tips and tricks before June 16th in our April Showers bring May flowers Spring Contest and the top 3 creative and helpful suggestions on our CyberBingo FaceBook page will win one of our Spring Clean goodies.
Good luck!

What’s going on at Cyberbingo on the first of April?

In 1993, The China Youth Daily newspaper tried to get in on the April Fools’ fun when it published a story announcing that all graduates with doctorate degrees would be free of China’s one-child limit.  What happened was that unfortunately the Agence France-Presse wire service took the news with relative interest and decided to run it as a true story.  Ooops!

Cyberbingo will be avoiding something so drastic and instead, will celebrate this fun tradition in the craziest of manners in the Spring Bingo room.  All you Cyberbingo roomies are invited to join this guaranteed crazy fun on April 1st playing our Crazy Fool Bingo for absolutely fantastic cash prizes.crazy-fool-bingo-700x700-fb2

Starting from 5pm ET, we will play non-stop Crazy Fool games for four hours with prizes of up to $1,000 and a card cost of $1.50 a card.

These games will also have a Buy 6 Get 3 Free promotion for you to enjoy.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Every year on March 8th, is International Women’s Day. This springtime celebration and tradition initially began in 1909 as National Women’s day, simply to recognise the continual advancements made by women within society.

As the day was being more and more recognised in different countries; the holiday was quickly spread internationally where in 1913, March 8th was officially declared as International Women’s Day which we are celebrating today.

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate this day by showing a little bit of recognition and appreciation to the women in your lives.

  • A quick simple message to your closest friends is a perfect way to show your appreciation and say thanks for being in your life.
  • Send or give flowers. They are a great symbolic gesture of appreciation for your dearest ones, and it can easily brighten their day and encourage them to keep going like they are currently doing
  • Take the time to find a way to help other less fortunate women for different reasons. Every little bit of help, helps.

At Cyberbingo we love our affection for such memorable days such as International Women’s Day; bringing our amazing players together, sharing great company playing for incredible cash prizes.international-womens-day-700x700-fb

Join in the bingo fun from 6pm ET in the Spring bingo room on Tuesday March 8th for your chance to be a Women’s Day winner. There are 3 hours filled with fabulous bingo fun and excitement and with a buy 6 get 3 free offer on all our Women’s Day bingo games, your chances of winning for free are even more real!

Venice Getaway $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000

Elegant, exciting and romantic. This is probably the best way to describe the city of Venice.

For those of us who are fond of romance, just like most of our lovely Cyberbingo roomies, when you think of romantic venues you either think of Paris or Venice. These two wonderful cities are renowned for their romantic soul and their surreal beauty with Venice being best known for its beautiful canals and romantic gondola rides.
We are still in the month of February, and it is well worth mentioning how Venice – dubbed as the city of love, is enriched with love affairs and pulsating famous lovers, is intimately linked to Cupid…Our romantic saviour.

Everyone wants to feel loved. There is no better feeling than feeling special and loved by another. Here at Cyberbingo we love all our bingo roomies and love to offer you the chance to win big as we play for an amazing cash prize of up to $50,000 that could see you make your way to the romantic city of Venice.aff-venice-getaway-coverall-fb

Playing on Saturday night from 8pm ET in the Bingo Tourney room, join us at Cyberbingo for your chance to win up to $50,000 cash in our Venice Getaway $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event.

Not sure you will make it for the Big Game this Saturday? That’s no problem as you can Pre order your cards for your chance to win up to $50,000 cash! Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre order your cards TODAY.


The Popularity of Bingo Halls In America

Bingo Halls are not only common amongst the entertainment scene, they are also widely popular all over different parts of the world. To further explore this enormous rise in popularity; this blog will take a look at what bingo in Latin America is all about and which of these fun and warm countries appear to be most connected to the game of bingo.

One thing to point out when discussing bingo in this wonderful region, is that bingo halls as we know them may not be as common and how bingo is played can be easily interpreted as a bingo variation which is referred to as ‘Loteria’. Nonetheless bingo in Latin America is a very much enjoyed leisure activity and bingo halls for people from this region are not only a place to play, but also a place to socialise and have a friendly chat with friends and colleagues. 5

Without a shred of doubt Argentina is one of the most famously known countries in Latin America. Argentina is a lovely destination and people seem to truly enjoy the delights of the game of bingo making it a regular activity for people of different ages. This country truly evokes the classic feel of the game; offering a sitting place for 550 for regular bingo games as well as electronic bingo. Vip room and slot machines are also offered.

Costa Rica is another country which thrives on being one of the best tourist attractions in the region. The bingo hall here has had their doors open for a very long time, and also enjoy some of the most beautiful features any bingo lover could ask for. This bingo halls in Costa Rica is called ‘The Gran Bingo Multicolour’ and can be found in San Jose, which is the country’s capital city. Bingo fun is guaranteed throughout the course of the day, where players can also enjoy delicious food from the restaurant and a social sports bar where one can enjoy sport events with friends.

Countries which may probably be as popular as the above mentioned two, are countries like Guatemala and EL Salvador; these are also destinations where bingo halls can guarantee fun activities for everyone. So if you ever happen to be visiting either of these two wonderful countries, make sure to make some time to visit the Super Bingo in Guatemala, and the Bingo Marbella in El Salvador, where a truly unique experience of great bingo and a great social experience is guaranteed.

On this note, don’t forget Cyberbingo is always there for you to bring you long hours of fun and games to enjoy, anytime you’re in the mood for bingo 🙂

USA Room

You will love our USA bingo room in February, full of love and bingo fun for you to enjoy.

Filled with exciting USA bingo games on our exclusive USA bingo patterns, there’s no end to the fantastic cash prizes up for grabs.  When?  Every Sunday and Monday at 6 pm ET only in the USA Bingo room. usa-room-mailer-fb

Buy 6 Get 3 Free

Join in the USA bingo fun and excitement between 6 pm ET ET and midnight every Sunday and Monday and receive a fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 free offer on cards to all games in the USA bingo room.

And that’s not all, we’ll even let you select your own free card.

Valentines Bingo tourney and Valentines slots tourney

At Cyberbingo we greatly enjoy the love and romance Valentines’ Day brings as we can show our amazing bingo friends how much our bingo community means to us. In fact we are giving an opportunity to all bingo players the chance to play and win for $6,000 worth in prizes in our Valentine’s Bingo tourney and Valentines’ Slots tourney.

Our special Valentine bingo games will play once an hour in our Valentine Bingo room and the more games you win, the higher you climb our tourney leader board and a bingo loving $1,000 cash as our tourney winner. There’s bingo love for everyone with fantastic prizes for the top 20 players in our Valentine’s Bingo tourney.valentines-bingo-tourney-700x700-fb-like&share

If you love slots, you’ll love Valentines Slots tourney. Play any or all of our selected Valentine slots tourney slots for your chance to be one of 20 winners who will end up a winner of fantastic prizes of up to $3,000 in cash. Start spinning and winning to share the love in our Valentines Slots tourney.

Join in the Valentine Bingo fun and share some Valentine bingo love with your amazing Cyberbingo roomies 🙂

The New Nickel Bingo Room

Make it a point to join in the bingo fun when the Nickel Room opens its’ doors on Friday February 5th for exciting and fun bingo to be enjoyed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting from 3 pm ET till 9 pm ET.

With fantastic cash prizes to be won and a great variety of games to enjoy including the Crazy Nickel Games, Starting $25 Games and $2,500 Coverall Min $25, the Nickel Bingo Room guarantees you more bingo fun worth every buck.nickel-games-fb-700x700

Join the Nickel Room starting Friday 5th, and enjoy bingo for only a nickel a card!

February with Cyberbingo


Its February so it goes without saying that a little bit of words should be dedicated to this short but sweet month full of love and romance. Now this may seems as doing what the majority is doing but I guess it makes sense to write certain things at certain times; which makes it alright to talk mention briefly Valentines’ Day since we’ve just started the month of hearts, chocolates and mushy advertisements.

Now some of you might even hate Valentines’ Day and seeing it everywhere might put you in a bitter mood, which for us at Cyberbingo is ok really. Every bad feeling can be turned into a positive one and that’s what Cyberbingo will do for you this month. Yes, you can play your favourite bingo game in the Valentine bingo room while eating some chocolate just so your mouth doesn’t turn dry.

Appropriately for the month of February, we have lined up a wide range of fun stuff to enjoy within your Bingo community. You can start the day by joining us on Facebook for some fun games and prizes (we have the Facebook Sweetest Memory contest); and in the evening you could be a winner of our $1,000 guaranteed pots. Our chat host will also be running a special chat game of our Secret Roomie Valentine BB’s on Wednesday February 3rd. Additionally if you have your coupon booklet, make sure to redeem your code and get an extra $20 free valentines gift.

February could not get better than this…Share the love for Bingo 🙂

Changing for the sake of a New Year!

Hello Roomies! This blog will focus just a little bit the month of January and the so called New Year Resolutions that come with it.
January is that time of the year when people tend to take some time out to reflect on the year ahead and to think on what the future may have in store for them. I’m guessing you’ve also thought had the time to think about some great Bingo prizes for this New Year 🙂

A New Year marks a fresh start and one thing which always noticeable among people is the increasing number of people who are continuously looking for a new challenge or even a change of direction in their lives. My question however is; why do we need New Year Resolutions in order to create good habits or trying to change our way of life positively? Why not change the way we look at resolutions?

I took the time to bring this up because I see so many people wearing down on what the New Year will bring and how to be a better person. The truth is that we shouldn’t change the way we work from year to year just because the calendar changes. Feel free to disagree roomies! For example when making a resolution, why not take the time to write them down into monthly goals? If you goal is to lose weight, what is your final number?What are your monthly and weekly goals? That sort of thing.

This is not to be negative in any sort of way and not care for the joyful season of looking to the future as I am sure you as part of the Bingo community, fun is what we usually go for 🙂 No. What I’m saying here is that we need to keep an eye on the reasons why we decide to proceed with such goals and resolutions. Here’s how to breakdown your resolutions:

Simple Goals – Start with the simplest goals. If you’re not a fitness freak, start by making January a month goal of exercising regularly at least twice a week and reduce bad food. Minimal things can be achieved and can be a platform to build on.

Put the unnecessary stuff aside – You want to be better? Only keep the good things by your side. The rest? Not needed. Start the New Year with a list of the good things you have in life, and also the bad ones. Build on the goods, and remove the bad ones.

Be Realistic – This is a problem a lot of people tend to make when it comes to setting goals. Most goals tend be to extremely hard to attain and sometimes even out of reach. So start with something small and see which things can make you happier.

Remember one thing my dear bingo friends. If you want to make a New Year Resolution this year, in the next few years or whenever, write it out. Write your goals; monthly and weekly. Get a move on and act on it :).