Celebrate Housewives Day at CyberBingo!


Make your House a Home on Monday November 3rd as we celebrate Housewives Day and to show our support for all those stay at home moms who work tirelessly day in and day out.

Join us at CyberBingo for four (4) hours of fantastic bingo games in our action packed Housewives Bingo Session from 6:00PM EST in the USA Bingo room as we play for incredible cash prizes in our Housewives Bingo Session games.

Starting $75 Bingo Games playing for $0.75 per card. These fantastic bingo games start with a $75 pot and just keep growing with the more players that play.

High or Low $150 / $75 bingo games playing for $0.75 per card. Win high or win low, there is always a great cash prize to be won with these bingo games.


These fantastic Housewives Bingo Session games will play back to back throughout the evening at CyberBingo and guarantee that fantastic cash prizes must be won!

Summer Bingo Party!


The sun is shining at it’s time for some CyberBingo fun in our Summer Bingo Party.

We all love a summer party, good company, lots of laughs and at CyberBingo … fantastic fun filled bingo games with fabulous cash prizes to be won. We’re throwing the best Summer Bingo Party on Saturday August 23rd in the Summer Bingo Room. Filled with an exciting mixture of great bingo games and cash prizes, everyone’s invited to sit back and enjoy some summer bingo fun.

Summer Room logo


  • Starting £45 Games
  • High or Low £90 / £45 Games
  • Crazy £90 Games


The Summer Bingo Party starts at 5PM EDT on Saturday August 23rd in the Summer Bingo room. With so many exciting Bingo games to play and the chance to win incredible cash prizes, get ready for some Bingo fun this summer at the CyberBingo Summer Bingo Party.


Bingolicious Fun

bingoliciousAre you ready for the sweetest most delicious CyberBingo Bingo Tourney ever?

Join in the fun and excitement at CyberBingo every Friday night from 8pm EDT in the Tourney Room to enjoy the sweet taste of winning in our Bingolicious Bingo Tournament. Filled with delicious treats and sweet prizes The Bingolicious Bingo Tourney awards $5,000 in cash prizes every single week.

With all this delicious fun, make sure you have left room for the main event, at 11pm EDT we will play a free game with a Bingolicious $1,000 cash prize guaranteed! This incredible free game is your chance to join the big winners at CyberBingo absolutely free. Make sure that you reward yourself every Friday night with a delicious bingo treat in our Bingolicious Bingo Tourney

Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed Game

bettymay2It’s time for Betty Boop to take center stage at CyberBingo as the spotlight falls on her fantastic $500 Guaranteed game.

Betty is everyone’s favorite film star and her incredible Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed game will play in the Candy Frenzy Room on Saturday, May 24 at 5:00PM EDT.

With a guaranteed prize of $500 to be won and a ticket cost of just 50¢, this great CyberBingo game will be a box office hit for sure.

Ms Boop loves to shower her adoring fans with special treats and this month she is offering an incredible Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on all tickets for her Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed Game.

Make sure to join CyberBingo‘s starlet this month as we play for $500 Guaranteed!

Christmas with Betty Boop.

500-guaranteed-decBetty Boop loves the holiday season, friends and family gathered around, smiling faces and presents under the tree. The giving and receiving of presents gives everyone the chance to show how much they love their family and friends.

Hidden under her Christmas tree Betty has wrapped up a special present for one lucky  CyberBingo  player in her $500 Guaranteed game, a brand new camera so they can capture all the family fun this Christmas. Will you be the one to unwrap Betty’s special present?

Every player that buys a minimum of one ticket to Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed game on Saturday December 7th will automatically be entered into a free draw to win this fantastic camera courtesy of Betty Boop. You could be winning this great prize and capturing every precious moment of the holiday season this Christmas.

The Betty Boop £300 Guaranteed Game will play at 5pm ET in the CyberBingo Budget Bingo 90 Room on Saturday December 7th with cards only 50¢ each.

The festivities do not stop there, Betty still has another fantastic Xmas offer for this great game – Buy 8 Tickets and Get 4 Free.
Betty Boop is always spoiling our players with her great games, make this Christmas extra special and Pre-order your tickets now!
Will you be the lucky winner to unwrap Betty’s fantastic prize?

Ooh La La Paris !

A trip to Europe may seem impossible when if you’re a working parent or just get caught up in life. That’s all the more reason to try out this Saturday’s promotion – it’s our biggest event this month!

Ooh La la Paris $10,000 Guaranteed big-bingo-event-july2013is your opportunity to be July’s 10K Winner along with being able to use that $10,000 on a well-deserved holiday for you and a loved one. What destination could be more perfect for a quick, spontaneous getaway than the romantic city Paris!

This event will take place on Saturday night (July 27th) and will start off by playing three (3) $1,000 Guaranteed Games at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm ET, with the straight $10,000 Guaranteed Game at 11pm ET to follow.

If you think winning 10K is impossible, check out CyberBingo.com and see what other winners have had to say.

VistaGaming Proudly Announces a NEW CyberBingo!


VistaGaming’s most well known site CyberBingo never ceases to amaze us with regular new features, and a reputation for knowing just what players are looking for when it comes to bingo! VistaGaming is proud to announce the “All New” CyberBingo, boasting a massive switch from old fashioned features to a much cleaner, trendier fresh look, yet another massive change that will blow everyone away! Keep your eyes peeled to see what all the hype is about, but while you’re doing so check out the upcoming promotions!


Did you know that every month some lucky player at CyberBingo walks away with $10,000! Such a BIG win may seem impossible, but if you take a look


at what players have to say it seems that any one of your players could be the next Top Winner! Don’t miss Saturday’s   Ooh La La Paris $10,000 Guaranteed Game – this is the biggest event of the month giving the players an opportunity to take the trip of their lifetime to Paris! $10,000 covers an all expenses paid trip for two, and that sounds like a dream come true.

If you’re looking for more than just bingo then CyberBingo offers it too, ranging from arcade and casino games, video poker, video slots and much, much more. VistaGaming Proudly Announces a NEW CyberBingo!



Better Than Ever !

coming-soon-fbAs you know, we at CyberBingo like to keep things fresh and up to date. COMING SOON !!! th   e ALL NEW and Improved CyberBingo Website – we think you’re going to love it! Feast your eyes on our dazzling, fresh and trendier new look!  Wander around and familiarize yourself with an even better, friendlier bingo atmosphere. It’s even better and hotter than ever with beautifully designed features that you won’t find on any other bingo site! You wanted Bingo at its Best – we’ve got it at CyberBingo!

The World’s Favorite Game – Bingo

Reasons to Love Online Bingo

Conventional bingo has been a popular pastime for years across the globe. It’s excellent for getting together with your friends and relatives as well as meeting new people in a comfortable environment. It is no surprise then that there are over 60 million bingo enthusiasts in the world.

The average bingo player is predominantly female, aged thirty-60, and is situated in The USA. Most bingo lovers don’t alter their routine, they participate in bingo on exact same days week after week. A part of their lifestyle eventually includes taking part in bingo. Friendships are formed between players and an absent regular won’t go unnoticed. Most players have their favourite seats that they contemplate as lucky. There are a few problems with classic bingo halls though: it’s not easy to manage multiple cards, it can be hard to access the bingo halls, or some people just can’t find the time, housewives for example.

But there’s a new type of bingo now and it’s called bingo online! A number of people may ask, how can sitting behind the computer be as pleasurable as participating in bingo in a normal bingo hall with family and friends? Why should I change my lifestyle? The answer to this is, because bingo online has its own positive sides too. As outlined by one very popular blog, the top reason for participating in bingo on the net is meeting new people.

bingo craze

Participating in the game online tears down borders and allows you to play online bingo live against other players all over the world. And if you have always wanted to socialize more, then all bingo sites have a feature called Multi Chat to help you do it! Multi Chat is accompanied by a Chat Host known as a CM. Creating the atmosphere of a traditional bingo hall is the job of the Chat Host who also helps with any problems.

There are a lot of other advantages to playing bingo online. Let’s say your local bingo hall isn’t near your home. What if the weather outside is bad? Or perhaps you’re too lazy to get dressed and drive to the bingo hall? Or if you are disabled and it’s a challenge for you to get around? What if you are simply too exhausted from the work day? Answer to all your questions is online bingo. Just go and sit in front of the computer, log on to your favourite portal, click and you’re prepared to play.

You can play as many cards as you like simultaneously thanks to advanced technology. Your chances to win are enhanced by more cards. There’s no need to worry about missing one or two calls or finishing your cards because they get filled out by the system. Plus your account is credited automatically if you have the lucky card.

All in all, web bingo industries have done a great job on giving the online players a traditional bingo atmosphere. The best part of it all, it’s always accessible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can play the game from home. And even though playing online bingo can never take the place of a traditional bingo hall, both have their own benefits.

So if you are feeling bored with your day-to-day life, get in front of the screen and give yourself an opportunity to win great prizes. Who knows, maybe you will even win the jackpot!

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Why People Love Playing Bingo Online

Who Doesn’t Love Bingo!

Around the globe, taking part in the game if bingo has been a really popular pastime for quite some time. It’s a great meeting place for friends and family and a great spot to get to know new people in a stress-free environment. That is the reason why the fact that there are a lot more than 60 million bingo fans in the world isn’t surprising.

play bingo

The average bingo player is predominantly female aged thirty to sixty and is from The States. Devoted players follow their routines, which includes playing bingo on set nights of the week and they do it every week. Part of their way of life eventually involves participating in the game. Friendships are formed between players and an absent regular won’t go unnoticed. Having a lucky seat is frequent. There are some problems with regular bingo halls though, it can be difficult to manage multiple cards, also, it can be hard to get to the bingo halls or some individuals just can’t find the time, housewives for example.

But hold on, there’s been a progress in the bingo generation. There is a new type of bingo now. Its bingo on the internet, online bingo! You might ask yourself, how could taking part in bingo online provide the same pleasure as playing bingo together with friends and family in a traditional bingo hall? Why should I change my lifestyle? The response to this is, because bingo on the web has its own positive sides. In the latest survey performed by a well-liked online bingo website, the main reason for playing this hugely popular game online was “meeting new people”.

One of the greatest things about playing on the web is there are no borders so you can play live against anybody from all over the world. Yes, you heard me right, online bingo is a multi-player game with participants from around the globe.

A lot of the sites have Multi Chat that is accompanied by a Chat Host aka a CM. The Chat Host is responsible for creating the atmosphere of a true bingo hall and helping with every issue that may come up. Multi Chat is also good for meeting new people and chatting with them live; and when you have just 1 number to go and you’re about to win, you can share the excitement! You wished to socialize with your friends – well there you go, heaps of new friends at the press of a button. More chatting, more fun!

The advantages of playing bingo online don’t end here. What if your local bingo hall is way too far from your house. Or what if the weather outside is bad? Or if you are too lazy to get dressed and drive to the bingo hall? What if you’re disabled and think it is hard to move around? What if your work day has been simply too tiring? Playing bingo online is the answer to all your questions. Simply go and log on to your chosen webpage and get ready to be transported into the fantastic world of internet bingo.

Progress in sites means it is possible to play as many cards as you want. Your odds of winning are enhanced by more cards. There is no need to stress about missing one or two calls or completing your cards because they get filled in by the system. And if you have the lucky card, your balance is also credited automatically.

Online bingo sites have done an admirable job re-creating the traditional bingo hall atmosphere for web based players. The best thing about online bingo, it can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week straight from your own apartment. Playing bingo on the net can never replace the traditional way of playing it, but as you can see, both of them have their own strengths.

So if you’re fed up with your routine or you simply want to get away to a special place, jump in front of the laptop and stand in line to win great cash prizes, you never know, you might even win the jackpot!

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal