Valentine’s Bingo at CyberBingo

It’s a bingo lover’s paradise at CyberBingo in February as players play for $3,000 in guaranteed prizes to be won in its incredible Valentine’s Bingo Tourney.

valentine-bingo-tourney-500x200CyberBingo is filling the month of love with fantastic bingo fun as it plays for fabulous prizes of up to $1,000 in its Valentine’s Bingo Tourney. The tourney plays throughout February in the CyberBingo Valentine’s Bingo room and there are amazing guaranteed prizes to be won by the top 20 players.

Every hour of each day between February 1st and February 28th, CyberBingo will play one of its special Valentine’s bingo games in the Valentine’s Bingo room. Cards for these great games cost just $0.50 each and every time you win, not only will you receive a fantastic cash prize, you will also receive one tourney point which will be added to your tourney ranking. The more of these Valentine’s Bingo games that you win, the higher you will climb up the tourney leader board towards $1,000 cash as the CyberBingo Valentine’s Bingo Tourney winner.

CyberBingo Christmas Tourneys

santas-bingo-tourney-500x200CyberBingo’s got a month full of fabulous Christmas Bingo fun and $3,000 in amazing prizes to be won this Christmas in its Santa’s Bingo Tourney!

The CyberBingo Santa’s Bingo Tourney is full of Christmas cheer and every hour in the CyberBingo Christmas Bingo room between December 1st and December 31st, they will play one of CyberBingo’s special Santa’s Bingo Tourney games. The more of these games that you win, the higher you will climb up the tourney leader board to be one of 20 lucky players to win fabulous prizes of up to $1,000 in cash!

You’re guaranteed a smashingly good time at CyberBingo in December playing for a fabulous $3,500 of prizes in CyberBingo’s exciting Smashing Christmas Slots Tourney

Spin the reels on any or all of CyberBingo’s exciting tourney slots for your chance to be a winner. Each time that you win playing one of CyberBingo’s selected Smashing Christmas Slots Tourney slots, CyberBingo will total up your tourney winnings on its tourney leader board. The more that you win, the higher you will climb up the tourney leader board towards the first prize of $1,000 cash as CyberBingo’s Smashing Slots Tourney winner.

With prizes for the top 25 players, start spinning and winning in CyberBingo’s Smashing Christmas Slots Tourney!

Coverall Bingo Fun

Monday September 5th is Labor Day, a day in honor of American workers and the contribution that they have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. The 3-day long Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to spend with family and friends before the end of summer. Take time out on Labor Day to join your CyberBingo bingo roomies in the USA Bingo room and celebrate Labor Day playing CyberBingo’s unmissable Labor Day Coverall Tourney.

labor-day-fbThe fun filled Labor Day Coverall Tourney takes place in the USA Bingo Room from 8:00PM EDT on Monday, September 5 EDT and is full of exciting Coverall Bingo games that will play in rotation until 11:00PM EDT.

• $7,500 Coverall minimum $75 games
• $10,000 Coverall minimum $100 games 
• $15,000 Coverall minimum $150 games


Don’t miss CyberBingo’s incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Labor Day Coverall Tourney games. Simply select 9 cards and you will only be charged for 6. That’s free chances to win fantastic cash prizes on Labor Day at CyberBingo.

$13,000 Guaranteed Event at CyberBingo!

If you’re looking for Big Bingo Fun, CyberBingo won’t be beaten and this weekend you could be CyberBingo’s next big winner as it plays for an incredible $13,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. The CyberBingo $13,000 Guaranteed event is the biggest bingo event of the month and plays in the CyberBingo Tourney bingo room on Saturday July 30th.

big-bingo-event-july-400x250-USDStarting at 8pm EDT in the CyberBingo Tourney Bingo room, there’s a fantastic $3,000 in cash prizes to be won in three (3) Top of the Hour $1,000 guaranteed games. These exciting bingo games are just a taster of things to come as CyberBingo players look forward to the Big Bingo Game at 11pm EDT where players will play for a Guaranteed cash prize of $10,000!

You’ve got to be in it to win it! Make sure to pre order your cards for the CyberBingo $13,000 Guaranteed event today!

Max Bingo Fun at CyberBingo!

Parent’s Day recognizes the role played by parents in their children’s lives. The day aims to promote responsible parenting and to recognize positive parental role models. It celebrates the special bonds of love between parental figures and their children.

To celebrate this great day at CyberBingo, they’re bringing you incredible Parent’s Day bingo fun playing their exclusive Parent’s Day Bingo- Max Games. This is your chance to play bingo to the max and win yourself a share of up to $2,500 in cash prizes!


CyberBingo’s famous “Max Games” play with a guaranteed starting pot of $150 and as the game progresses, the prize pot will slowly increase until it is won or maxes out at a fabulous $500 cash. These games will play as five, Top of the Hour games in the CyberBingo Summer Bingo room between 5:00PM EDT and 9:00PM EDT on Sunday July 24th and have a card cost of just $1.50 a card.


With five great top of the hour games to play and incredible cash prizes to be won each game, take your bingo fun to the Max at CyberBingo!

National BBQ Month

bbq-may-raffle-cb-250x250Millions of people across the country love to fire up their BBQ’s and enjoy the warmer days. Sunshine, great company and BBQ food are the perfect ingredients for a great evening or weekend. The informality of a BBQ means that people can relax and socialize in a much more natural, a great way to unwind and meet new people. BBQ Chefs can be a very competitive group of people, each one having their own unique take on recipes and the best ways to cook their favorite BBQ foods. From beef steak to prawns, BBQs allow people to cook an incredible selection of foods.
Celebrate National BBQ month at CyberBingo and your BBQ’s could be the talk of the town this summer as they give away a fabulous new BBQ grill. This incredible raffle is open to everyone and costs nothing to enter, all you have to do is follow 4 easy steps:

This great competition is only open until midnight EDT on May 31st, so make sure to get your entry in for your chance to win yourself an incredible gas BBQ grill courtesy of CyberBingo.

Spring Clean Contest

It’s time to freshen up our homes ready for summer, out with the old and in with the new as we Spring Clean our way to a brighter home. Spring cleaning is a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years, dusting off the winter and preparing for the summer months. It’s also a great excuse to look through all the junk we manage to collect over the months and years and either find more ingenious storage solutions or get rid of the things we no longer want or need. Whether you recycle your old things or give them to charity, a good spring clean can really transform your home and your happiness along with it.
52265_thumb_april-showers-graphics-2It’s amazing some of the hints and tricks that some people share about how to make your spring clean easier, suggestions for easier cleaning, storage solutions and more. We’re inviting all our CyberBingo roomies to help make spring cleaning easier for each other by sharing their age old tricks and tips on our CyberBingo Facebook page. Tips handed down through the family may seem second nature to you but others may not have heard of them and are ready to give them a try.

Share your tips and tricks before June 16th in our April Showers bring May flowers Spring Contest and the top 3 creative and helpful suggestions on our CyberBingo FaceBook page will win one of our Spring Clean goodies.
Good luck!

Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday May 8th is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the important roles that mothers all around the world play in our lives. From Motherhood to just being there for advice, this great day is the perfect opportunity to say “I love you Mom”. The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day started in the 1900’s and although it has become much more commercialized in recent years, the meaning behind it stays as strong as ever. So whatever you’re doing this weekend, make sure to take time out to let your Mom know just how much you care.
51974_thumb_mothers-day-bingo-700x700There’s Mother’s Day bingo fun and excitement for everyone at CyberBingo on Sunday May 8th as we celebrate with fantastic Mother’s Day Bingo games. The bingo fun starts at 5pm EDT in the Spring bingo room as we play four hours filled with excitement and fantastic cash prizes to be won. Starting $100 games, High or Low $200 / $100 games and Guaranteed $300 Mother’s Day Bingo games, there’s fabulous bingo fun for everyone. At CyberBingo we also have a special Mother’s Day gift for all our players, Buy 6 cards for any of our Mother’s Day bingo games and we’ll give you 3 cards for free with our incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer!

Save the Planet Multi Part Bingo

Earth Day 2016 will mark the 46th anniversary of a movement which was founded primarily to raise awareness, create interest and motivate people to get together for the good of the environment we live in and the place we call home.

Today April 22nd each and every one of us can choose to make a difference by resorting to practices which can be more sustainable and earth friendly to our environment.  Making better choices that lead to less waste and conservation of the Earth’s resources is of utmost importance if we want to ensure preservation of our planet.

Everyone wants to do their part in making the world a better place and for this reason Cyberbingo is inviting you to celebrate this important day and think how you can contribute to improving the environment around us.Save-the-Planet-Multi-Part-Bingo-700x700

To highlight this important day on the calendar, join your bingo roomies on Friday April 22nd in the Spring bingo room and spend an evening filled fabulous 3-part bingo games.

Starting at 5PM EDT and each game playing with $185.00 with a card cost of just $0.75, our Save the planet Multi-Part bingo games could be your chance to be a winner.

Remembering Patriot’s Day

Cyberbingo is inviting you to celebrate Patriot’s Day by joining all your bingo roomies for a game or two of fun bingo in the Patriot’s Day coverall games.  Games will consist of $4,000 min $400 coverall games playing Top of the Hour at 7 PM8 PM and 9 PM EDT on Monday April 18th.

Our Patriot’s Day coverall games have a card cost of $1.00 each and also with a free cards promotion of our fantastic ‘Buy 6 Get 3 Free’ offer on all cards.aff-patriots-day-700x700

Patriot’s Day is a holiday which is mainly celebrated in the areas of Massachusetts and Maine, but here at Cyberbingo we always try to commemorate important traditions by bringing that special extra fun to the bingo community.