April Weekly Raffle

When the first day of spring arrives and the sun comes out to play, we just can’t seem to be able to wait to soak up all the health benefits this season has to offer.  After all, we deserve a little bit of warmth and sunshine after being locked inside for so long.

For this reason Cyberbingo is giving all players the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes every week in April with our April Weekly Raffle Treat.april-weekly-raffle-fb

Each week throughout the month of April players we have a unique flower code for you to redeem that will automatically enter you into our weekly raffle draw to win some fantastic prizes.

On how to redeem each weekly code and for more information on our weekly prizes, visit us on our website and treat yourself to some unbelievable gifts!


Happy Raffling!

Spin to win with Cyberbingo

For a share of up to $3,000 in fabulous prizes, this could really be the best spring ever.  Interested?  Join the great bingo fun starting today April 4th and play on our Spring Slots Tourney to see how far you can go.

You are guaranteed a full 3 weeks of super bingo fun and the best possible slot action you could imagine.  With a massive $3,000 in prizes to be won and a further $1,000 in cash for the winner, what are you waiting for?spring-slots-tourney-700x700

The Spring Slots Tourney kicks off on Monday, April 4th at 12:01 am EDT till April 24th at 11:59 am EDT.

Spin and Win to claim fantastic prizes with Cyberbingo!

A chance to win a fantastic Summer Cruise

There is perhaps no better way to unwind than taking a great vacation at sea, especially if you have never experienced life on board.  With so many people finding it incredibly hard to plan a vacation getaway, Cyberbingo has basically planned it all out for you.

Offering a total of 8 days and 7 nights on board for 2 people, this is the ultimate summer cruise.  The Eastern Caribbean Cruise sails from Fort Lauderale and visits four exciting ports including Nassau, Bahamas – Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and Basseterre St.kitts.

Charlotte Amalie is the capital and largest city of the US Virgin Islands, welcoming millions of visitors every year, many from the cruise that dock in the bay surrounding the capital.  There aren’t any real good sandy beaches but there are alternative options as you can get to Water Island which is just a 5 minute ferry ride from Crown Bay where you can spend time on beautiful Honeymoon Beach.

Bahamas and Nassau have got to be placed together as they are both a must see once you’re in the vicinity.  Any trip to the Bahamas is not considered complete without paying a visit to the nation’s capital.  Golfing, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing are all activities one can get to enjoy doing.  And if you happen to be a fan of Art and culture, Nassau has got even that for you to have a look at.

This Summer Cruise giveaway happens to be one of the biggest giveaways ever offered so make sure to collect as many raffle points as you can for more chances to win this incredible Summer Cruise.

What’s included?


Life on cruise holidays is so far from the lives we live at home that it gives the opportunity to appreciate and embrace all the simple things we normally get to ignore.  Like for example returning to your room with your bed all tidy and clean?  We do wish for that from time to time no?


There are loads of ways you can have a great time onboard, and let’s be fair; entertainment is always guaranteed on a cruise.  Nightly entertainment may include comedians, live bands and other live acts such as world class show performers offered by Royal Caribbean Productions.

Great Food to enjoy:

Speaking of food.  It is no secret that one can find the most amazing food on cruise ships.  Most cruises offer fantastic cuisine options and several different restaurants which also include fine dining restaurants.  What’s a cruise without some delicious food by some of the world’s finest cooks?aff-summer-cruise-giveaway-FB


Relaxation and energising are often the main reasons to go on any vacation.  Massage, sunbathing by the pool, spa treatments, hot tubs and fitness classes are just some of what you can do on a cruise.

This not to miss Summer Cruise Giveaway is available for 2 people with regular boarding fair tickets.  Air Fare to Florida is included in the prize.  Alcoholic drinks are subject to change including cruise dates due to cruise availability.

What’s going on at Cyberbingo on the first of April?

In 1993, The China Youth Daily newspaper tried to get in on the April Fools’ fun when it published a story announcing that all graduates with doctorate degrees would be free of China’s one-child limit.  What happened was that unfortunately the Agence France-Presse wire service took the news with relative interest and decided to run it as a true story.  Ooops!

Cyberbingo will be avoiding something so drastic and instead, will celebrate this fun tradition in the craziest of manners in the Spring Bingo room.  All you Cyberbingo roomies are invited to join this guaranteed crazy fun on April 1st playing our Crazy Fool Bingo for absolutely fantastic cash prizes.crazy-fool-bingo-700x700-fb2

Starting from 5pm ET, we will play non-stop Crazy Fool games for four hours with prizes of up to $1,000 and a card cost of $1.50 a card.

These games will also have a Buy 6 Get 3 Free promotion for you to enjoy.

Great fun and excitement this Easter Weekend

Easter is just a few hours away fellow roomies and at Cyberbingo we are flying in excitement eagerly waiting for a fun packed weekend filled with delicious Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and fantastic bingo cash prizes to be won in our Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza!

Our Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza kicks off on Friday March 25th at 7pm ET and runs till Sunday March 27th.  Each night at 7pm ET we will play an Easter Eggstravaganza bingo game for a coverall prizes of up to $5,000 cash.  All this great Easter fun will take place in the Spring Bingo room guaranteeing the very best Easter bingo celebrations for the weekend.eggstravaganza-easter-fb

You can enjoy more bingo fun and more chances to win playing our Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza games with an incredible Buy 6 get 3 free offer on all bingo cards.  Additionally if you think you cannot make the weekend, you can Pre buy your Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza bingo cards for a chance to win a share of up to $15,000 in cash prizes during the Easter weekend.

The end of the month always means big things are about to happen at Cyberbingo.  The reason?  The Big Bingo event is just round the corner with incredible bingo fun and excitement waiting just for you to enjoy the Easter weekend in style.aff-march-50k-coverall-FB

We guarantee incredible bingo fun and excitement on Saturday March 26th as you get a chance to win a fantastic cash prizes of up to $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event.  The Big Bingo event will be kicking off at 8pm ET in the Bingo tourney room with three top of the hour $1,000 guaranteed games and at 11pm ET, you could be the one to walk away with the big prize of up to $50,000 in cash.

Happy Easter and Happy playing with Cyberbingo!

Cyberbingo and St. Patrick’s Guaranteed Pots

Do you have your brightest green shirt ironed out for March 17th? Will you be having a large breakfast in the morning to be strong enough to enjoy a great full day out? Well that is one idea on how to spend St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Whether you believe it or not is up to you, but behind our all-fun St. Patrick’s day traditions – such as being coloured in green or sharing stories about leprechauns and pots of gold – also lies a profound story about a man who was fully devoted to spread the word of God and preach what he believed in around the whole of Ireland. That was St. Patrick.

On March 17th cultures all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the liveliest fashion; becoming a quite awaited holiday in the calendar.st-patricks-guaranteed-gold-pots-FB

Despite being able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in so many ways, Cyberbingo will be giving you the opportunity to grab your lucky charm and make your way in the Spring Bingo room for a chance to win $3,000 in cash prizes in our Lucky Saint Patrick’s guaranteed pots.

Playing from 6 pm ET, each pot will have a guaranteed prize of $1,000 cash!

Not sure you will be around for St. Patricks’ on March 17th? Why not Pre order your cards now for your chance to win up to $3,000 cash? Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre-order your cards NOW!

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Every year on March 8th, is International Women’s Day. This springtime celebration and tradition initially began in 1909 as National Women’s day, simply to recognise the continual advancements made by women within society.

As the day was being more and more recognised in different countries; the holiday was quickly spread internationally where in 1913, March 8th was officially declared as International Women’s Day which we are celebrating today.

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate this day by showing a little bit of recognition and appreciation to the women in your lives.

  • A quick simple message to your closest friends is a perfect way to show your appreciation and say thanks for being in your life.
  • Send or give flowers. They are a great symbolic gesture of appreciation for your dearest ones, and it can easily brighten their day and encourage them to keep going like they are currently doing
  • Take the time to find a way to help other less fortunate women for different reasons. Every little bit of help, helps.

At Cyberbingo we love our affection for such memorable days such as International Women’s Day; bringing our amazing players together, sharing great company playing for incredible cash prizes.international-womens-day-700x700-fb

Join in the bingo fun from 6pm ET in the Spring bingo room on Tuesday March 8th for your chance to be a Women’s Day winner. There are 3 hours filled with fabulous bingo fun and excitement and with a buy 6 get 3 free offer on all our Women’s Day bingo games, your chances of winning for free are even more real!

Give yourself a chance to win the perfect Spring brunch to enjoy with family and friends this March

Cyberbingo is giving away a fabulous $300 gift card to use at your favourite restaurant or to spend at your local grocery store if you prefer to impress them with some real home cooking. Either one you choose, it’s all fine with us.spring-holiday-brunch-fbmarch2016

All you have to do is enter the given code when you next fund your account in the month of March to be automatically be entered into the Spring Holiday Brunch free draw to win the $300 Spring Holiday Brunch gift card

Check out our Spring Holiday Brunch page for your special code today! < hyperlink to http://www.cyberbingo.com/promotions/spring-holiday-brunch.html

Enjoy more bingo fun on Leap Day

2016 is a leap year, which means that it has 366 days instead of the usual 365 days that a normal year has. An extra day is added in a leap year – February 29th- which is why it is traditionally referred to as a leap day.

Turns out Cyberbingo couldn’t let the lovely roomies let an extra twenty four hours go to waste. For this reason Cyberbingo will be offering you ALL roomies the chance to spend these extra twenty four hours in February enjoying more bingo fun and super exciting bingo games thanks to an incredible Leap Day bonus of up to 600% every time you fund your account.leap-dayBONUS-fb

  • Deposit between $25 and $49 to receive a 200% Leap day bonus
  • Deposit between $50 and $99 to receive a 400% Leap day bonus
  • Deposit $100 or more to receive an incredible 600% Leap Day bonus!

These special Leap Day bonuses are only available until midnight ET on Monday February 29th, so make sure to claim yours TODAY as they won’t be returning any time soon…at least not until 2020!

Venice Getaway $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000

Elegant, exciting and romantic. This is probably the best way to describe the city of Venice.

For those of us who are fond of romance, just like most of our lovely Cyberbingo roomies, when you think of romantic venues you either think of Paris or Venice. These two wonderful cities are renowned for their romantic soul and their surreal beauty with Venice being best known for its beautiful canals and romantic gondola rides.
We are still in the month of February, and it is well worth mentioning how Venice – dubbed as the city of love, is enriched with love affairs and pulsating famous lovers, is intimately linked to Cupid…Our romantic saviour.

Everyone wants to feel loved. There is no better feeling than feeling special and loved by another. Here at Cyberbingo we love all our bingo roomies and love to offer you the chance to win big as we play for an amazing cash prize of up to $50,000 that could see you make your way to the romantic city of Venice.aff-venice-getaway-coverall-fb

Playing on Saturday night from 8pm ET in the Bingo Tourney room, join us at Cyberbingo for your chance to win up to $50,000 cash in our Venice Getaway $50,000 Coverall Minimum $10,000 Event.

Not sure you will make it for the Big Game this Saturday? That’s no problem as you can Pre order your cards for your chance to win up to $50,000 cash! Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre order your cards TODAY.