Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday May 8th is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the important roles that mothers all around the world play in our lives. From Motherhood to just being there for advice, this great day is the perfect opportunity to say “I love you Mom”. The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day started in the 1900’s and although it has become much more commercialized in recent years, the meaning behind it stays as strong as ever. So whatever you’re doing this weekend, make sure to take time out to let your Mom know just how much you care.
51974_thumb_mothers-day-bingo-700x700There’s Mother’s Day bingo fun and excitement for everyone at CyberBingo on Sunday May 8th as we celebrate with fantastic Mother’s Day Bingo games. The bingo fun starts at 5pm EDT in the Spring bingo room as we play four hours filled with excitement and fantastic cash prizes to be won. Starting $100 games, High or Low $200 / $100 games and Guaranteed $300 Mother’s Day Bingo games, there’s fabulous bingo fun for everyone. At CyberBingo we also have a special Mother’s Day gift for all our players, Buy 6 cards for any of our Mother’s Day bingo games and we’ll give you 3 cards for free with our incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer!

Bingo and its’ evolution

Modern innovations and new technologies now mean that players have the luxury of playing their favourite bingo games without having to do any significant travelling or being sat down next to complete strangers.  Imagine the popularity of bingo in the older days being so high even when the online version of bingo was just a distant idea, and see how much more popular it has become with everyday marketing to boost the popular game’s profile.

Cyberbingo has for instance succeeded in taking the game to the next level by integrating different classes and players of different age groups.  This has made us incredibly popular where we attract large numbers of online bingo players with amazing offers, engaging online experience, super friendly community and great loyalty points.

Online bingo sites have managed to successfully make bingo even more popular with the provision of a large selection of games and a safe environment where players are given an opportunity to get to know new bingo buddies.5

One thing is certain.  Bingo has not died and in all probability given the continuing progress, it never will.  Bingo has managed to adapt to the modern changes and evolution in technology, and for this reason the game has also changed positively.

Bingo is in fact still carrying the brilliant original concept of the game; making it a great fun and social game, where a winner will always prevail.

Cyberbingo and St. Patrick’s Guaranteed Pots

Do you have your brightest green shirt ironed out for March 17th? Will you be having a large breakfast in the morning to be strong enough to enjoy a great full day out? Well that is one idea on how to spend St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Whether you believe it or not is up to you, but behind our all-fun St. Patrick’s day traditions – such as being coloured in green or sharing stories about leprechauns and pots of gold – also lies a profound story about a man who was fully devoted to spread the word of God and preach what he believed in around the whole of Ireland. That was St. Patrick.

On March 17th cultures all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the liveliest fashion; becoming a quite awaited holiday in the calendar.st-patricks-guaranteed-gold-pots-FB

Despite being able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in so many ways, Cyberbingo will be giving you the opportunity to grab your lucky charm and make your way in the Spring Bingo room for a chance to win $3,000 in cash prizes in our Lucky Saint Patrick’s guaranteed pots.

Playing from 6 pm ET, each pot will have a guaranteed prize of $1,000 cash!

Not sure you will be around for St. Patricks’ on March 17th? Why not Pre order your cards now for your chance to win up to $3,000 cash? Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre-order your cards NOW!

The Popularity of Bingo Halls In America

Bingo Halls are not only common amongst the entertainment scene, they are also widely popular all over different parts of the world. To further explore this enormous rise in popularity; this blog will take a look at what bingo in Latin America is all about and which of these fun and warm countries appear to be most connected to the game of bingo.

One thing to point out when discussing bingo in this wonderful region, is that bingo halls as we know them may not be as common and how bingo is played can be easily interpreted as a bingo variation which is referred to as ‘Loteria’. Nonetheless bingo in Latin America is a very much enjoyed leisure activity and bingo halls for people from this region are not only a place to play, but also a place to socialise and have a friendly chat with friends and colleagues. 5

Without a shred of doubt Argentina is one of the most famously known countries in Latin America. Argentina is a lovely destination and people seem to truly enjoy the delights of the game of bingo making it a regular activity for people of different ages. This country truly evokes the classic feel of the game; offering a sitting place for 550 for regular bingo games as well as electronic bingo. Vip room and slot machines are also offered.

Costa Rica is another country which thrives on being one of the best tourist attractions in the region. The bingo hall here has had their doors open for a very long time, and also enjoy some of the most beautiful features any bingo lover could ask for. This bingo halls in Costa Rica is called ‘The Gran Bingo Multicolour’ and can be found in San Jose, which is the country’s capital city. Bingo fun is guaranteed throughout the course of the day, where players can also enjoy delicious food from the restaurant and a social sports bar where one can enjoy sport events with friends.

Countries which may probably be as popular as the above mentioned two, are countries like Guatemala and EL Salvador; these are also destinations where bingo halls can guarantee fun activities for everyone. So if you ever happen to be visiting either of these two wonderful countries, make sure to make some time to visit the Super Bingo in Guatemala, and the Bingo Marbella in El Salvador, where a truly unique experience of great bingo and a great social experience is guaranteed.

On this note, don’t forget Cyberbingo is always there for you to bring you long hours of fun and games to enjoy, anytime you’re in the mood for bingo 🙂

The Cyberbingo craze


The bingo craze, trend call it whatever you want; keeps spreading and spreading like a big wild fire all over the globe. The different varieties of playing online bingo nowadays can be just the ingredient needed to fill the life of a player with thrills and excitement. The game has gained so much popularity that it is even spreading among teenagers in their late teens and early twenties. Different types of bingo games and benefits are offered by bingo sites, including Cyberbingo. Great varieties and benefits to players can always be considered as a blessing to those engaged.

Let us look then at some of the great benefits a Cyberbingo player can look forward to;

Amazing Benefits

Becoming part of the Cyberbingo community brings with it a certain prestige, and mostly…it brings fantastic rewards 🙂 Players within the community enjoy access to over 300 bingo games daily, free bingo games, amazing cash prizes, gigantic jackpots and mouth -watering online bingo bonuses.

That’s right. Cyberbingo is not one of the most successful online bingo corporations by chance. We thrive to be the very best especially when it comes to seeing our players enjoying the very best around. Using the most up-to-date software technologies as an enhancer to the gaming experience, players can enjoy genuine, secure and a super friendly gaming environment with online bingo bonuses and exclusive promotions. Our passion towards our bingo community is what makes us truly great.

Safe and Secure
Playing at Cyberbingo couldn’t be any safer and secure. Players can rest assured that their details are safe and secure at all time. Players are assured that all deposits and withdrawals are done through safe and trusted funding options.

Multi- part Bingo Games
Cyberbingo is the only place offering multi-part bingo games online. Exciting games and tournaments guaranteed for more great chances to win.

Cyberbingo is always looking forward to welcoming new players making their way to out fantastic community. At Cyberbingo you are never more than a click away from amazing and great bingo fun and bingo games.

Why online Bingo is so much fun in 2016

blog header CB

When it comes to Online Gaming, there is just one word which instantly pops up into your heads…Cash Prizes.

That’s right! Cash Prizes.  Despite being around for long generations, Bingo is still largely enjoyed in all corners of the world.  Many Aussies have fallen in love with CyberBingo, showing no signs of slowing down as the popularity increases.  Fun, exciting and genuinely amusing, Online Bingo is reaching new heights guaranteeing fascinating games and mind blowing entertainment.

The vast majority of players nowadays have the luxury and comfort to play online and interact with friends despite not being physically near.  Traditional Bingo neglects noise and chatter.  Online Bingo, promotes and encourages it.  The comfort of play available to all players, together with ongoing interactions, has most definitely become the major source of attraction for today’s active players.

While it is no secret that the majority of players are women (90%), more men are becoming interested in trying the games at least once, simply because it is so easy to win.  (And who doesn’t love to win?).  The large amount of variety in the games, allow for more opportunities and more winnings.

Playing Online Bingo is your gateway to fun and having a good time.  The beneifts from playing are always tangible and probably the best of all…you can make money easily without spending too much.  The chat rooms add to the social feel in general, while helping the newcomers get settled in their new environment.  So not only do players acquire new abilities to win cash pay outs and Jackpots, but also can have an equally great time teaming up with other fellow players.

High Quality Gaming is the prime goal and player satisfaction is paramount.  The number of people playing online Bingo under the age of 35 is increasing, which are serving to narrow suggestions that Bingo are solely for the elderly demographic.  With all the technologies being implemented today, online Bingo is fast becoming a game for everyone to enjoy.  Plus, with the addition of video slots and more side games, Bingo online is connecting more and more people, and engaging players everywhere.

Online Bingo sites like Cyberbingo.com provide players with an amazing social experience, handing players more and more opportunities to get social and meet new people online.  For players that are into more games than just Bingo, have the option to take on video slots and other mini games.

If you think all this wasn’t enough for convincing, take a look at our New Year Promotions and offers to find out more on the great advantages of playing bingo online.

Nickle Candy Fun


nickle-candy-games-headerAre you ready for the very best in low cost B90 Bingo fun and excitement? Join in the B90 bingo fun at CyberBingo on Friday June 19th as we bring you an hour filled with our fabulous Nickle Candy Games. These great games will play from 5:00PM EDT in the Candy frenzy Bingo 90 room as we play for incredible guaranteed cash prizes every game with an unbelievable low ticket price of just $0.05 a ticket. With a guaranteed $2.00 for the 1st part, $3.00 for the second part and an incredible $30.00 for the final part for only $0.05 a ticket, you’re always sure of more bingo fun and excitement for you money with our CyberBingo Nickle Candy bingo games.

We’ve made our Nickle Candy bingo games even better value for money with an amazing Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all tickets to these great games. All you have to do is choose your 9 bingo tickets and you will only pay for 6. So join in the B90 Bingo fun on Friday June 19th for incredible free chances to win fantastic cash prizes at CyberBingo playing our low cost Nickle Candy B90 bingo games.


CyberBingo’s $14,000 Spring Sweep

the-big-bingo-event-headerIt’s time to let some fresh Spring air into your home with CyberBingo as you give it a Spring Sweep with $14,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won in CyberBingo’s Spring Sweep $14,000 Event on Saturday April 25th.

The bingo fun and excitement starts at 8pm EDT in the CyberBingo Bingo Tourney room. There will be three (3) $1,000 Guaranteed Top of the Hour warm up games at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm EDT, each one of these great games has a guaranteed cash prize of $1,000 and a card cost of just $2.00 a card. The bingo fun and excitement builds as we head towards the big game at 11pm EDT, the Spring Sweep 3 part game offering a guaranteed $11,250 in cash prizes. $250 for the 1st part, $1,000 for the 2nd part and an incredible $10,000 guaranteed cash prize for the 3rd part. With a card cost of just $5.00 a card and incredible guaranteed cash prizes to be won, this is your chance to be CyberBingo’s next big winner.


What would you do with an amazing $10,000 guaranteed cash prize? Redecorate your home? A new kitchen? or maybe just pay off some bills. CyberBingo’s fabulous guaranteed cash prize in their Big Bingo Event brings you countless possibilities as you spring sweep this month.

Celebrate Housewives Day at CyberBingo!


Make your House a Home on Monday November 3rd as we celebrate Housewives Day and to show our support for all those stay at home moms who work tirelessly day in and day out.

Join us at CyberBingo for four (4) hours of fantastic bingo games in our action packed Housewives Bingo Session from 6:00PM EST in the USA Bingo room as we play for incredible cash prizes in our Housewives Bingo Session games.

Starting $75 Bingo Games playing for $0.75 per card. These fantastic bingo games start with a $75 pot and just keep growing with the more players that play.

High or Low $150 / $75 bingo games playing for $0.75 per card. Win high or win low, there is always a great cash prize to be won with these bingo games.


These fantastic Housewives Bingo Session games will play back to back throughout the evening at CyberBingo and guarantee that fantastic cash prizes must be won!

Summer Bingo Party!


The sun is shining at it’s time for some CyberBingo fun in our Summer Bingo Party.

We all love a summer party, good company, lots of laughs and at CyberBingo … fantastic fun filled bingo games with fabulous cash prizes to be won. We’re throwing the best Summer Bingo Party on Saturday August 23rd in the Summer Bingo Room. Filled with an exciting mixture of great bingo games and cash prizes, everyone’s invited to sit back and enjoy some summer bingo fun.

Summer Room logo


  • Starting £45 Games
  • High or Low £90 / £45 Games
  • Crazy £90 Games


The Summer Bingo Party starts at 5PM EDT on Saturday August 23rd in the Summer Bingo room. With so many exciting Bingo games to play and the chance to win incredible cash prizes, get ready for some Bingo fun this summer at the CyberBingo Summer Bingo Party.