National BBQ Month

bbq-may-raffle-cb-250x250Millions of people across the country love to fire up their BBQ’s and enjoy the warmer days. Sunshine, great company and BBQ food are the perfect ingredients for a great evening or weekend. The informality of a BBQ means that people can relax and socialize in a much more natural, a great way to unwind and meet new people. BBQ Chefs can be a very competitive group of people, each one having their own unique take on recipes and the best ways to cook their favorite BBQ foods. From beef steak to prawns, BBQs allow people to cook an incredible selection of foods.
Celebrate National BBQ month at CyberBingo and your BBQ’s could be the talk of the town this summer as they give away a fabulous new BBQ grill. This incredible raffle is open to everyone and costs nothing to enter, all you have to do is follow 4 easy steps:

This great competition is only open until midnight EDT on May 31st, so make sure to get your entry in for your chance to win yourself an incredible gas BBQ grill courtesy of CyberBingo.

Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday May 8th is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the important roles that mothers all around the world play in our lives. From Motherhood to just being there for advice, this great day is the perfect opportunity to say “I love you Mom”. The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day started in the 1900’s and although it has become much more commercialized in recent years, the meaning behind it stays as strong as ever. So whatever you’re doing this weekend, make sure to take time out to let your Mom know just how much you care.
51974_thumb_mothers-day-bingo-700x700There’s Mother’s Day bingo fun and excitement for everyone at CyberBingo on Sunday May 8th as we celebrate with fantastic Mother’s Day Bingo games. The bingo fun starts at 5pm EDT in the Spring bingo room as we play four hours filled with excitement and fantastic cash prizes to be won. Starting $100 games, High or Low $200 / $100 games and Guaranteed $300 Mother’s Day Bingo games, there’s fabulous bingo fun for everyone. At CyberBingo we also have a special Mother’s Day gift for all our players, Buy 6 cards for any of our Mother’s Day bingo games and we’ll give you 3 cards for free with our incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer!

Pet day!

Anyone who has ever had the novelty of owning or had a relationship of some sort with a pet, knows the kind of unconditional love that can be created and that is seen otherwise between two human beings.  The gentle nudge of a wet nose or a lick on the hand comes in the most timely manner whenever we’re feeling upset or let down by some circumstance going on in our lives.

The slightest change in our mood or emotions can be easily be picked up and registered by our dogs and cats.  Even though cats are regarded as more widely independent by nature, they do possess the same equal capacity for love and nurture.petday4

Whether you already have a pet to love or whether you are still thinking of adding a new loving member to the family, April 11th is all about the pets of the world!

So today is your chance not to start loving our pets, but to dedicate a day and strengthen your relationship with them and show how much all animals in the world are valued in our lives.  Alternatively why not try and make a difference by volunteering in raising more awareness for providing more care and shelter for these abandoned animals?

Happy Pet Day!

Valentines’ Day with Cyberbingo

Valentine’s Day is all about acting on your feelings and surrounding yourself with expressions of love and romance. To commemorate this day, Cyberbingo is inviting you on a date for the $4,000 Guaranteed Cupids Arrow event to celebrate the love and affection found within the Cyberbingo community.

Players can join in the Valentine bingo fun, with a chance to play and win fantastic cash prizes of $1,000. With a card cost of just $2.50 a card, Cupids Arrow could be heading in your direction, bringing you bingo love and amazing cash prizes. cupid-arrows-fb-700x700

If you’ve got a romantic date waiting for you, you can pre order your cards in advance from your PC, Tablet or Mobile for your chance to be a winner on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day with Cyberbingo could not get any more romantic than this.

Join us Sunday February 14 for more Cyberbingo Lovin!

February with Cyberbingo


Its February so it goes without saying that a little bit of words should be dedicated to this short but sweet month full of love and romance. Now this may seems as doing what the majority is doing but I guess it makes sense to write certain things at certain times; which makes it alright to talk mention briefly Valentines’ Day since we’ve just started the month of hearts, chocolates and mushy advertisements.

Now some of you might even hate Valentines’ Day and seeing it everywhere might put you in a bitter mood, which for us at Cyberbingo is ok really. Every bad feeling can be turned into a positive one and that’s what Cyberbingo will do for you this month. Yes, you can play your favourite bingo game in the Valentine bingo room while eating some chocolate just so your mouth doesn’t turn dry.

Appropriately for the month of February, we have lined up a wide range of fun stuff to enjoy within your Bingo community. You can start the day by joining us on Facebook for some fun games and prizes (we have the Facebook Sweetest Memory contest); and in the evening you could be a winner of our $1,000 guaranteed pots. Our chat host will also be running a special chat game of our Secret Roomie Valentine BB’s on Wednesday February 3rd. Additionally if you have your coupon booklet, make sure to redeem your code and get an extra $20 free valentines gift.

February could not get better than this…Share the love for Bingo 🙂

Changing for the sake of a New Year!

Hello Roomies! This blog will focus just a little bit the month of January and the so called New Year Resolutions that come with it.
January is that time of the year when people tend to take some time out to reflect on the year ahead and to think on what the future may have in store for them. I’m guessing you’ve also thought had the time to think about some great Bingo prizes for this New Year 🙂

A New Year marks a fresh start and one thing which always noticeable among people is the increasing number of people who are continuously looking for a new challenge or even a change of direction in their lives. My question however is; why do we need New Year Resolutions in order to create good habits or trying to change our way of life positively? Why not change the way we look at resolutions?

I took the time to bring this up because I see so many people wearing down on what the New Year will bring and how to be a better person. The truth is that we shouldn’t change the way we work from year to year just because the calendar changes. Feel free to disagree roomies! For example when making a resolution, why not take the time to write them down into monthly goals? If you goal is to lose weight, what is your final number?What are your monthly and weekly goals? That sort of thing.

This is not to be negative in any sort of way and not care for the joyful season of looking to the future as I am sure you as part of the Bingo community, fun is what we usually go for 🙂 No. What I’m saying here is that we need to keep an eye on the reasons why we decide to proceed with such goals and resolutions. Here’s how to breakdown your resolutions:

Simple Goals – Start with the simplest goals. If you’re not a fitness freak, start by making January a month goal of exercising regularly at least twice a week and reduce bad food. Minimal things can be achieved and can be a platform to build on.

Put the unnecessary stuff aside – You want to be better? Only keep the good things by your side. The rest? Not needed. Start the New Year with a list of the good things you have in life, and also the bad ones. Build on the goods, and remove the bad ones.

Be Realistic – This is a problem a lot of people tend to make when it comes to setting goals. Most goals tend be to extremely hard to attain and sometimes even out of reach. So start with something small and see which things can make you happier.

Remember one thing my dear bingo friends. If you want to make a New Year Resolution this year, in the next few years or whenever, write it out. Write your goals; monthly and weekly. Get a move on and act on it :).

Pirates Bingo Tourney

Pirate Bingo Tourney

Pirate Bingo Fun

It’s the time o’ year fer a scurvy pirate bingo ruckus as we celebrate International Talk like a Pirate Day at CyberBingo with our fun filled Pirates Bingo Tourney!

We’ve dedicated a whole weekend to Bingo fun and excitement as we play for incredible pirate loot (cash prizes) in this pirate themed bingo tourney. Everyone’s invited to put on their pirate hats and talk like a pirate for 3 days in the Autumn Bingo room between Friday September 18th and Sunday September 20th as we play for over $1,000 in guaranteed cash prize.

These incredible CyberBingo Pirate Bingo games will play on our pirate themed patterns, the pirate flag, Pirate treasure chest, treasure map and many more, each one rewarding players with a Pirate Bingo Tourney point on our tourney leaderboard. The more of our Pirate Bingo games you win, the more points you receive, climbing your way to the top of the leaderboard and a guaranteed cash prize of $500 as our Pirate Bingo Tourney winner.

Shiver me timbers!

Will you be CyberBingo’s Pirate King or Queen? You only have 3 days to win as many of our fun filled Pirate Bingo games as possible to be one of our top 5 winners. Cards for these games have a cost of just $0.50 each and with a Buy 6 get 3 Free offer on all cards, we guarantee a weekend filled with pirate bingo fun and excitement.

Nickle Candy Fun


nickle-candy-games-headerAre you ready for the very best in low cost B90 Bingo fun and excitement? Join in the B90 bingo fun at CyberBingo on Friday June 19th as we bring you an hour filled with our fabulous Nickle Candy Games. These great games will play from 5:00PM EDT in the Candy frenzy Bingo 90 room as we play for incredible guaranteed cash prizes every game with an unbelievable low ticket price of just $0.05 a ticket. With a guaranteed $2.00 for the 1st part, $3.00 for the second part and an incredible $30.00 for the final part for only $0.05 a ticket, you’re always sure of more bingo fun and excitement for you money with our CyberBingo Nickle Candy bingo games.

We’ve made our Nickle Candy bingo games even better value for money with an amazing Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all tickets to these great games. All you have to do is choose your 9 bingo tickets and you will only pay for 6. So join in the B90 Bingo fun on Friday June 19th for incredible free chances to win fantastic cash prizes at CyberBingo playing our low cost Nickle Candy B90 bingo games.


Cinco de Mayo!

cinco-de-mayo-headerIt’s time for some Mexican bingo fun at CyberBingo as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo at CyberBingo with our incredible Cinco de Mayo Special bingo games.

Each one of these Cinco de Mayo Special bingo games will start with a guaranteed prize pot of $100 and on every 5th number called, the prize pot will jump to an incredible $1,000 guaranteed before dropping back to $100 on the next call.

These incredible games will play as top of the hour games in the CyberBingo Spring Bingo room from 5:00PM EDT on Tuesday May 5th as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in fabulous bingo style. Cards to our Cinco de Mayo Special bingo games are just $1.00 each and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we will give you even more great chances to win with an incredible 3 cards free for every 6 you buy.

That’s an unmissable Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Cinco de Mayo Special games.

So look out for our fabulous Mexican bingo patters at CyberBingo and when you bingo on one of our fun filled Cinco de Mayo Special games you could be winning $1,000 cash!

CyberBingo’s $14,000 Spring Sweep

the-big-bingo-event-headerIt’s time to let some fresh Spring air into your home with CyberBingo as you give it a Spring Sweep with $14,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won in CyberBingo’s Spring Sweep $14,000 Event on Saturday April 25th.

The bingo fun and excitement starts at 8pm EDT in the CyberBingo Bingo Tourney room. There will be three (3) $1,000 Guaranteed Top of the Hour warm up games at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm EDT, each one of these great games has a guaranteed cash prize of $1,000 and a card cost of just $2.00 a card. The bingo fun and excitement builds as we head towards the big game at 11pm EDT, the Spring Sweep 3 part game offering a guaranteed $11,250 in cash prizes. $250 for the 1st part, $1,000 for the 2nd part and an incredible $10,000 guaranteed cash prize for the 3rd part. With a card cost of just $5.00 a card and incredible guaranteed cash prizes to be won, this is your chance to be CyberBingo’s next big winner.


What would you do with an amazing $10,000 guaranteed cash prize? Redecorate your home? A new kitchen? or maybe just pay off some bills. CyberBingo’s fabulous guaranteed cash prize in their Big Bingo Event brings you countless possibilities as you spring sweep this month.