Celebrate Housewives Day at CyberBingo!


Make your House a Home on Monday November 3rd as we celebrate Housewives Day and to show our support for all those stay at home moms who work tirelessly day in and day out.

Join us at CyberBingo for four (4) hours of fantastic bingo games in our action packed Housewives Bingo Session from 6:00PM EST in the USA Bingo room as we play for incredible cash prizes in our Housewives Bingo Session games.

Starting $75 Bingo Games playing for $0.75 per card. These fantastic bingo games start with a $75 pot and just keep growing with the more players that play.

High or Low $150 / $75 bingo games playing for $0.75 per card. Win high or win low, there is always a great cash prize to be won with these bingo games.


These fantastic Housewives Bingo Session games will play back to back throughout the evening at CyberBingo and guarantee that fantastic cash prizes must be won!

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