Free Bingo Fun Ideas For Kids

Free Bingo Fun Ideas For Kids

Bingo is a lot of fun to play for people of all ages. This is especially true for kids. Free bingo happens to be a very good game to play at family gatherings, parties, slumber parties, or just whenever the kids get bored. When adults play the traditional type of bingo, it is generally not a free bingo. This is because the actual bingo cards have to be bought. Then, the person who wins the game will get the cash prize. For kids, it should be a free bingo and prizes may not involve money. In this article, you can discover some fun bingo ideas and bingo prizes you can do with your kids.

Bingo Ideas for Kids

There are various ways this game can be played for kids. For example, the bingo cards don’t always need to have only numbers on them. For smaller children, it is sometimes easier to create cards that have animal shapes, colors or even funny pictures on them rather than the basic numbers. Creating bingo cards for your kids is easy as this can be done even with just a basic construction paper or cardboard. Then, use markers or colored pens to create the pictures or shapes.

A fun and creative way for the kids to mark their pictures or shapes on their cards is with either pennies or even pieces of un-popped popcorn. Of course, being creative is the fun part of playing the bingo game. Thus, it will also be a great idea to let your kids decide what type of pictures they would like to have on their bingo cards. You can also let them design their own bingo cards. Let them also decide on what markers they can use to mark their cards. They can use general items around your house like buttons or even raisins. Your kids will have fun bringing out their creative ideas on playing bingo.

Free Bingo Prizes

When playing bingo game with kids, it is important to keep things interesting since children get bored so easily. Obviously, free bingo means there will be no cash prize for the winner of the game. Hence, you need to develop more creative ideas on the prizes.

A great free bingo prize is the coupon prize. Make creative coupons that the kids would surely want to win. Examples of coupons can be no chores for an entire day or extra TV time or extra computer time. Another great idea for your coupons is the prize of giving the winner’s chores to someone else for a day. For example, the prize of the winner is that he gets to choose another player who would do the dishes for him or makes his bed in the morning.

Giving out fun little toys as prizes is also a great idea. You can even opt for small treat bags or trinket bags. You can also choose inexpensive things such as stickers, bubbles or chalks. Even though these are inexpensive, they give out a lot of joy to kids.

Even though free bingo does not provide money to the winners, the bingo game can still be fun and even educational. Just use your imagination to make the bingo game fun for kids. This will surely keep their attention for hours of fun. Plus the entire family can play it together!

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